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Transformational Life Coach + Shamanic Practitioner

Feeling stuck, burned out, or out of alignment?

You're not alone.

No matter how you arrived here, who you are,
or why you're here, you deserve to:

Live in alignment with your purpose
Discover your authentic self
Heal past wounds
Feel valued, seen, and heard
Ignite your creativity
Let go of blocks and fears
Have clarity and confidence
Uncover your purpose
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shamanic wisdom and tools, energy healing, and life coaching techniques

Don’t wait to become “un-stuck”.

Trust your heart and begin your journey.

Schedule Free 30 min. Clarity Call!

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A Note from Kelly:

Welcome traveler of the heart! 

Are you stressed out, burned out, exhausted, or stuck in a life that feels out of alignment? Do you feel like no one sees the real you and there’s no way out?

I know exactly how that feels. I had a successful career, a great salary, and a loving family but I was tired and stressed out ALL the time and I just didn’t feel like I was on my soul’s path. The work I was doing was meaningful to me but somewhere along the way, I got off track and my daily tasks were draining. I was working outside of my strengths and what really brought me joy. The career I once loved became a source of stress and exhaustion and I began to suffer mentally and physically.

Then, I found the right people to help me do the deep healing work I needed to do to move into ALIGNMENT and create a life that I love.

Now, as a Certified Life, Spiritual and Energetic Coach, I guide others using very powerful tools that help you go deep into your body, mind, and spirit to do the healing needed for fast transformation.
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There is a way out of the stress, confusion, and pain of living a life that doesn’t allow you to be your authentic self, and you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Schedule a free clarity call to find out if working with me feels right.
With love,
Kelly Melear-Hough Coaching
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  • If you are contemplating coaching with Kelly, I highly recommend her – she’ll help change your life. Kelly has helped me through a time in my life where I was making a transition and working through putting myself out there. Her intuition and experience have enabled me to see things more clearly because she always knows what to say and how to navigate the issue. She has many tools in her back pocket and her energy healing sessions are so powerful. Her guidance through these sessions is profound and healing. Thank you Kelly – I am so blessed to have met you.

    Reiki Master and Spiritual and Energy Coach
  • Kelly is a very effective coach. Her empathy and compassion make it easy to open up and that’s when the magic happens. She’s very skilled and perceptive. She led me exactly where I needed to go.

    Cloud Engineer
  • Kelly creates a safe space for shamanic healing that helps put you immediately at ease, and she has great instincts for allowing you to work through what comes up at your own pace. She also has a very calming energy that makes you feel more comfortable being vulnerable. I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone looking to work through “stuck” emotions or dealing with persistent physical issues that may have an underlying emotional/energetic component.

    Holistic Nutritionist

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