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Step 1. Define + Clarify

In the 6 Month Path to Transformation program you will be invited to share your story, your current struggles and your goals so that you can be clear on what is needed to move forward. You’ll go through a process that will help you get crystal clear on what you want, how you want to feel, and how to move forward to get there. You will define your goals and clarify your dreams and what your ideal life would look like. 

Step 2. Listen + Learn

In order to succeed in a society that values productivity and “working hard”, we have learned to deny and suppress our own feelings, desires, and physical needs. We’ll look at your self-talk – what does your inner voice sound like? Kind and loving, or harsh and critical? Do you constantly judge yourself and put yourself down or do you acknowledge your needs and desires and work with them instead of against them?

If you’ve been living a life that is stressful and out of alignment, basic energy tools like grounding and shielding will help to reduce stress and anxiety and start the healing process. I’ll walk you through these tools so that you can learn to use them on your own and start healing your nervous system.

Step 3. Meet + Greet

Gain clarity on your next steps to achieving your vision by journeying within to consult your inner Oracle, higher self, God, and/or compassionate helping spirits. No matter what your spiritual path is, you have a wealth of knowledge and guidance within you if you know how to tap into them. I will guide you through inner (Shamanic) journeys to learn how to connect with this fountain of wisdom and teach you how to do it on your own so that you can connect with your inner wisdom any time you desire.

Step 4. Structure + Create

With your newfound clarity, you will draft a plan of action to move towards your ideal life. This will give you structure, based on your own inner guidance so that you know what your next aligned steps are to creating your vision of the future.

Step 5. Leap + Trust

Fear and resistance to change are NORMAL and to be expected! We’ll use various energy tools to explore your specific blocks including journeying and shamanic healing. Becoming conscious and aware of your blocks to progress will allow you to address them head-on and gain the confidence and courage to move past them.

Step 6. Revisit + Refine

Take a second look at your goals and plan of action to celebrate your progress, see where you are, and what is left to do to achieve your goals. You will create a timeline to break down the big steps into smaller steps so you can stay on track.

Step 7. Check-in + Address

We’ll troubleshoot any challenges you experience and use energy tools to continue to address any blocks or resistance that come up (and they will come up) so that you stay on track to creating a life that you love.

Step 8. Celebrate + Prepare

You now have a detailed plan of action and you are well on your way to achieving your dream life! Learn tips and techniques to stay on your path and keep yourself motivated and in alignment with what you want to create and how you want to feel. You got this!

You are always welcome to add more sessions if you feel you need or want more time together.
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6 Month Path to Transformation 
        (Described Below)

6 Month (one-on-one) private coaching program with a step-by-step process to help you change your mindset and lead you to take aligned action so that you can live your purpose and feel more fulfilled.
12 one-on-one, 60-minute coaching/healing sessions with Kelly
A guided shamanic journey during at least one of the sessions
Shamanic healing during at least one of the sessions
Homework such as journal writing prompts to help expand your self-awareness and clarify your vision
Recorded audio meditations for grounding and shielding for you to use any time you want

Your Investment: $2997

Payment Plans Avail.
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90 day path to transformation

Deep Dive - 60 Minutes

Private initial coaching session designed to explore your goals, discover what’s holding you back, and create a plan to embark on your transformation journey.

Cost: $127

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  • As an LCSW, I have been through and have practiced traditional talk therapy for over 20 years. I wanted a different kind of healing. Working with Kelly gives me deeper ways of knowing myself. Kelly has helped me with body work and inner sanctuary work. It is obvious that she is in tune with you during her processes. Her overwhelming acceptance and connection with you is amazing. She's "all in" as she leads you through healing work. She calms your nerves and is genuinely excited about your deeper knowing of self. She is exactly what I was looking for. I feel completely surrounded in compassion from start to finish. She exudes this every step of the way from leading you through deep breathing to her directiveness in meditative guidance. I cannot recommend her enough.

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
  • I sought coaching because I want to live my life more boldly, using my voice in ways that demonstrate my heart-felt obligations to passions that I have. To date, even though I am ‘older’, I have held back somewhat. I think it is from being busy making a living, raising children, but also from fear, or criticism, not sure what. Anyway, Kelly led me through a series of questions about my purpose, my mission (s), that helped me ‘drill down’ (her words) to the essential questions regarding my next steps. Some of her questions led me to a plan to ‘Do Something’! Today, I took the first step!

  • Kelly is amazing! I've been able to take my learnings with her and implement them into my day-to-day life. She has been very helpful in combing through the confusing/stressful emotions I've been having with corporate work and has helped distill a lot of what's important to me into action. I'm incredibly grateful for her work and dedication.


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